Essences for iontophoresis
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Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate (Asc2P・Na)

0.4g×12vials with purified water
0.4g×24vials (without purified water)

In case of Vitaliont, the reduction rate, an indicator of how much Vitamin C converted from Provitamin C remains in a pharmacologically effective, stable form, is much higher than that of similar products in the market, thus allowing greater effectiveness.

Eliminate free radicals resulting from UV rays and reduce the effect of melanin which causes blemishes. We’ll lead you to clear-feeling skin. Further, it’ll tighten up worrying pores, and regulate the texture of your skin through effective whitening.

Premium Placen

Placenta (concentrate solution) for skin care (50ml)

Product Characteristics

“Umbilical cord essence” has been added to the previous Placenta.

Placenta is a Japanese product, and the Umbilical cord Essence is a product from New Zealand and Australia, countries with strict inspection. The Japan’s Top Class Placenta Essence Company manufactures domestically.

The Umbilical Cord Essence until now was known for moisturizing, but in addition to this, EGF-like action was confirmed in the ingredients that are being formulated this time.

※What is the EGF-like action…

It normalizes the turnover by activating the epithelial cells; in other words, smoothes metabolism, promotes skin rebirth and constructs a fresh stratum corneum.


Clinical studies have confirmed improvement of small irregularities (pores, etc.) on the skin surface by using Placenta Essence, improvement of skin elasticity and resilience by using Umbilical Cord Essence. Umbilical Cord Essence activates and proliferates epithelial cells in the epidermal layer, and Placenta Essence has a proliferation action of the angiogenesis and fibroblasts in the dermal layer and works for the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. From this, it can be expected the double effect of the Umbilical.


Water, BG, Pentylene glycol, Placenta extract, Umbilical Cord extract, Phenoxyethanol

Thermo Starch

(Water-Soluble Powder)


Thermo Starch is a new highly concentrated Provitamin C (30% concentration) containing a thermal stabilizer to avoid decomposition under thermal treatment, which is converted into Vitamin C after absorption in the body.

It’s not a conventional skin care product and can be used also for body treatments: researches have proved its effectiveness in cellulite and lipid reduction and a patent has been obtained for its combined used with Indiba devices (Patent N.4872028).

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